5 Space Saving Ideas for A Small Kids Room

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Kids often get the smaller rooms in the house, even though they tend to have big possessions. Saving space is key to having a fun, well organized room for your children. Thankfully there are many different bed combinations and a few storage ideas that can help you. Try these space saving ideas for small bedrooms.

1. Loft beds for a mature look

Loft beds are the way to save space in a small kids’ room. As a space saving idea, you can incorporate a study space beneath the bed. This really doubles up on the space-saving potential. These tiny, tidy areas help to make a room look more mature. As adorable as it is to see a five-year-old with her own little desk, it’s not a solution for every child. While there are some that come in double models, it’s harder to find a loft that sleeps two.

2. Personalized chests make cleaning fun

Anything that makes your child want to clean up after themselves is awesome. Putting a little time and effort into their chests can make cleanup time a whole lot easier on the whole family. There are tons of fun, easy to personalize chests and organizers out there. If you don’t want to buy one pre-made, you have plenty of options. You can use chalkboard paint, finger painting, or just their name in the color they choose. Personalizing an organizer or chest makes for a great Baby’s First DIY Project! Organization furniture is space saving furniture.

3. Trundle beds can be part of a desk

Homework is good for learning but bad for your old kitchen table. Your kids need their own space to focus and do their work as much as you need yours. You probably won’t be that effective at work if your boss made you share your space with the whole team; why should your child work under those conditions? If you don’t have the height for a loft bed, trundle beds are another great way to have a bed below and a desk above. The beds can easily slide away so you don’t have to deal with them during the day. As space saving ideas go, it’s a great way to maximize your space.

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4. An organization basket wall

Some kids are naturally organized. The rest of them (like many adults) need a whole wall in order to keep track of their things. If you’re strapped for space, think vertical. Hanging baskets is a great way to make a whole room look tidier. It gets the mess off the floor, opening up the room and giving you more space for fun play. Pair hanging baskets with a set of shelves or cubbies. Go big and go home; make the wall a vibrant clash of colors and textures to really make it part of the statement of the room. Kids are supposed to be a little zany; bringing that into your decorating will make the room look more put together and theme-oriented.

5. Classic bunk beds

Of course, who can overlook the tried and true classics? Bunk beds are an amazing way to fit more than one child into a room. You can really make these personal with privacy curtains and shelves. Bunk beds are much easier to get than loft bed arrangements. They don’t take up much space, and you can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes that work for you. Remember that you can still install shelves and cupboards under the bed so you have more room to play with. Beds may be a non-negotiable item, but you can still save space.

Space saving ideas for small bedrooms hang on the concept of using your space more efficiently. Maybe that’s thinking vertical with hanging baskets, bunk beds, or a lot bed. Maybe you get space saving ideas when you consider how personalization can make your child want to put their toys away. Wherever you get your inspiration, these space saving ideas can maximize your small bedroom.

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