21+ References and Tips of Perfect Curtain For Your Home

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A curtain is one of the most important items of the interior decoration of your house. It not only maintains privacy but also increases the beauty of your house. A perfect curtain can enhance the beauty and style of your home whereas the mismatched one will turn your home horrible. Here are a few tips to choose the right one.

Curtains are available in various colors, prints, texture, and materials. Few are very light and few are heavy. It is up to you which one will you go for. Choosing a curtain needs to keep many things in mind – the purpose of the room, the availability of the sunlight, designs of other furniture and of course the budget.

Different materials are available for the curtain. Some are very heavy. If you have a room that is situated in a position where sunrays enter for a long time, then hang a heavy curtain there to protect the furniture of that room from the hands of scorching rays of the sun. A type of translucent or semi-transparent curtain is available in the market which is made of net or other such very fine materials. They are very beautiful and ideal for that room where light is scantily available. This curtain allows some light to enter the room even when the curtain is drawn. But at night when the bright light is on inside the room, it fails to maintain privacy. So if you want to hang this net curtain for beautification, do not forget to hang another layer of the curtain made of thick cloth.

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The color of the curtain is another important thing. If the room gets enough sunshine you may hang any type of curtains – dark, light or bright. You can even hang dark curtains to balance the scorching light of the sun. But if the room is already darker does not make it darker with the dark curtain. Pattern and print of the curtain material is another important thing. If your room is large enough you can freely hang curtains with big prints or large geometrical pattern. But if your room is small then do not dare to experiments with large geometrical pattern or prints. Better choose small prints and light color to give your room a peaceful look.

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