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Bedroom set with a modern concept is the best option that will make the room look simple and comfortable. To get stylish bedroom design, not a difficult job. Even so, in arranging the bedroom minimalist design, there are things that need to be considered. Including the following:

Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design

The interior design of the bedrooms is the first thing that must be considered to get a minimalist bedrooms. Selection of paint colors bedroom wall is also important. Use a maximum of two color variants in play combination in the bedroom. Choose bright colors, soft and natural. Next is empty the bedroom walls of various furniture and room accessories. Minimalist bedroom wall does not require a wide range of accessories. Let the bedroom walls are kept clean.

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

Furniture for a bedroom should be simple and neat design. Color blend between the furniture and the color of the bedroom walls must also be matched.

Note the ‘Who’ and ‘What’

In the bedroom set and a minimalist design after considering the above points, next step is to determine the ‘Who’ and ‘What’ that will occupy the room bedroom.

Who? Who will occupy the bedrooms will determine what kind of style and the style of the bedroom. The concept of minimalist bedrooms will always give priority to the room that is simple and does not contain too much stuff in it. So after finding out ‘who’ we’ll see ‘What’ alone items or furniture that can be placed in the bedroom.

Do not violate the essence of minimalist design. The room should be kept simple and clean. Do not put too many goods that are not needed in the room minimalist bed.

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Storage Space

Still keep everything always neat and hide things are not important. If you are a person who likes to read before bedtime, you may put a small table to place books or other electronic devices. If the bathroom is also located in the bedroom, it would be better if the placing tool beauty tools such as combs, cosmetics, and others are also in the bathroom. You can put a small box on the bathroom wall for it.

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