Five Ways To Dress Your Windows With Lace Curtains

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There are so many ways to use lace curtains throughout your home, regardless of whether you prefer country, traditional, cottage or French country design. Here are 5 ways that just might work in your home.

  1. Lace scarf: Tossing a piece of lace over the top of a pole is probably the easiest window treatment ever. You can use an heirloom piece of lace and create a triangular scarf treatment or wrap a pole with several yards of lace, allowing the ends to drape along the side of the window. Both of these window treatment designs require no sewing or additional hardware. Choose a rod style that works with the decor of the room. For example, a white wooden rod with crystal finials on the end works beautifully in a cottage-style room. For an interesting contrast in color and style, wrap a dark wood rod with matching finials with a piece of antique lace that has yellowed with age. This look works in a traditional style bedroom, den or dining room.
  2. Lace panels: Lace panels add a feminine and romantic touch to a master bedroom, guest room or little girl’s nursery or bedroom. They can be stationary panels that adorn the sides of a window or they can be functional panels that are attached to a rod that allows them to open and close. For the ultimate in privacy and light control, shade or other window treatment should be used along with the lace panels.
  3. Sheer curtains: Lace panels can be used as a sheer second layer that softens the look and feel of drapery panels. These are hung behind pinch pleated draperies and most often remain closed even when the draperies are opened. They allow diffused light into the room but still allow a little bit of privacy. They can also mask a not so pleasant view of a busy street, for example, or the unattractive side of your neighbor’s house or fence.
  4. Lace valances: A simple lace valance will soften a window in a kitchen, laundry room or bedroom. If you have enough yardage, simply create a rod pocket in the top of the lace and shirr it onto a curtain rod. The hem is not usually required as the design of the lace will create a nice finish to your valance. For ultimate fullness, a good rule of thumb is 2.5 to 3 times the width of the window. The valance can be hung on the outside of the window frame or, using a tension rod, can be placed inside the window molding. The hanging method you choose will be based on the style of window you have as well as your own personal decorating preferences.
  5. Lace trim on fabric: Often times you do not have enough lace to construct a complete window treatment. This is common with antique or vintage lace. In this instance, you can use the lace you have as trim on another piece of fabric. A lace ruffle can be added to a window valance, for example, or used as an overlay on a solid piece of fabric. Extend the length of a drapery panel with a lace hem or use the lace as a detail along the top and the leading edge of a pair of stationary drapery panels.
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Heritage Lace

Heritage Lace is a family-owned business that has been the leading expert in lacemaking since 1975. Located in Pella, Iowa they are proud to say that 95% of their products are produced right here in the United States. Their list of exquisite lace products include:

  • Macrame lace designs straight out of European history books. These old-world designs are created by stitching them onto a piece of fabric which is then removed, leaving just the lace pattern visible. These patterns can then be stitched onto your choice of fabrics to create window valances, tier curtains for the kitchen, sheer drapery panels, table linens, etc.
  • Country lace designs that are simple and inviting can be used to make curtains or to customize table linens, bedding, accent pillows, and other decorative accessories.
  • Timeless and classical themes that have been reinterpreted to fit into today’s transitional decor. Use these lace patterns for kitchen curtains, table toppers, and sheer panels.
  • Holiday lace to dress up a table or mantel for Christmas and Thanksgiving. You must also check out their Halloween lace that will add a fun and spooky touch when used as a table runner or window decor. They even recommend using their holiday lace to dress up a screen door or to adorn outdoor wreaths and other seasonal decorations.
  • Romantic lace with elegant patterns that include rose and floral motifs, delicate butterflies and dragonflies and leaves, and vines. These beautiful designs can be added to kitchen curtains or used in a bedroom or pretty sitting room as a mantel scarf, doily or trim on window curtains.
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For homeowners who are looking for ways to warm up a tract home or celebrate a sense of history in an older home, lace curtains may be the answer. Locate antique and vintage lace from second-hand clothing stores, old wedding dresses, estate sales or purchase it from wonderful suppliers like Heirloom Lace.

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