How To Choose The Appropriate Carpet

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The carpets are of decorative accessories more used in the decoration; however, choose the carpet suitable for particular space is not always a simple task.

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Determine what type of carpet should use can be tricky, as there are several types to choose from. In addition, the process is never as simple as simply “buy the carpet”. You have to take into account certain factors so that everything fits within the division and be harmonious.

In this article, we will provide some valuable guidance to choose the carpet suitable for decoration of your home.

Let’s start with styles:

Carpets Traditional

The traditional rugs are very elegant and luxurious. They are ideal to give the division a more welcoming and comfortable environment. Due to its patterns and colors, easily become the prominent focus of decoration. Combine perfectly with environments where predominantly floor and wooden furniture, as well as dark or earth color tones. They are ideal for family spaces like the living room.

Modern rugs

The main characteristics of contemporary or modern rugs are its simplicity. Simple lines, floral or geometric patterns predominate, with an excellent alternative to more expensive carpets, as is the case with more traditional or oriental rugs. Are you made-up with natural or synthetic fibers, offering good durability and quality? They are perfect for use in a modern living room but adapt well to any style of decor.

Factors to keep in mind

how to choose the right size and style for your area rug | karastan throughout How To Choose The Appropriate Carpet

Carpet format:

To select the format to put carpet in the room, you should be aware of the size and format of that division.

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Another factor to consider is the size of the carpet, which should be directly related to the size of the division and other elements that are within the division. It does not make sense to put a very small beneath a giant table carpet because this will not even see.


Another detail to consider for decorating with rugs is its color. With other elements in the decoration, also the carpet color can transform a room. Light colors such as whites and creams, create the illusion of greater amplitude in the division and higher brightness, making a small room significantly higher in our eyes. Darker colors, on the other hand, create the illusion of a smaller space, so it is only recommended for larger divisions.


the type of material from which the carpet is made will make all the difference in the care they need to have and durability. On sale, you can find rugs made of various materials, and some of these materials are best suited for certain functions and spaces.

With these decorating tips, choose the appropriate carpet for your home will be much simpler.

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