How Attic Fan Work to Keep Cost Down

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Did you know that installing an attic fan can help you to drastically keep energy and cooling costs down? This is especially helpful to homeowners and families that live in hot, humid areas, and drive up their energy costs cooling down their home. There are a few reasons why attic fans can help you to cool down the home, without having to spend large amounts of money in the process, including;

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Attics Trap Hot Air

Attics are notorious for trapping hot air in the home. This can quickly heat up a home, and create an environment that is uncomfortable. Using an attic fan will allow you to remove the trapped hot air in the attic, pushing it outside and, over time, lowering the temperature within the home. Giving hot air a place to go after rising is an essential part of lowering the temperature in a home and will save you a lot of money on cooling costs over time. Of course, during the colder months, you might actually want the hot air to remain trapped in the home.

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How Does It Work

When turned on, your attic fan will draw the cooler air from outside, and push it into the attic. It will also push the hot air inside of the attic outside, creating a quick cooling effect. Some attics can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees. Since many people use their attics for storage, this can not only drive up the temperature in a home but can cause damage to their personal belongings as well.

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Roofing Benefits

Attic fans also provide a number of benefits to roofs as well. Because attics can get so hot, it is quite common that the roof itself will heat up, causing damage to the roof and the shingles. When shingles become damaged, they can crack or curl upwards, leaving areas of your roof exposed and potentially a target for more damage. Installing an attic fan allows you to bring down the temperature of your roof and help to prevent future damage.

Stale Air

One problem that many attics create is stale air. Since air becomes stuck in the attic and remains there for a long period of time, the air can become dust-filled and stagnant. This also increases the humidity of the home, which can make living in the home uncomfortable and greatly increase the temperature within the home. By installing an attic fan you mix in a fair amount of fresh outdoor air into the home, which is going to provide comfort.

Moisture Damage

Because stagnant air contains quite a bit of moisture, allowing it to settle in your attic can create a humid environment that results in moisture damage. Since many people use their attic as a storage space, this potentially can leave many of you are belongings open to moisture damage and mildew growth.

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There are a number of reasons why you should consider installing an attic fan in your home. Not only will it save you a good deal of money in cooling costs, but it will also help you to prevent damage to your roof and stored belongings as well.

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