Tips for Decorating The Garden With Love

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For a garden look good it needs to be very careful with love and you also need to use a little creativity to make the garden decorated.

A garden can be decorated in various ways, many people tend to recycle things or use craft to leave the garden with cozy air. But it takes a lot of patience to decorate a garden, as a decoration Beautiful is only possible if done with care and who is initiating the decor without really knowing what to do, know that just start doing all the little and by sector until the style of the garden decor stay as desired.

Tips for decorating a small garden

  • To post a little better lit garden, you can use small or scattered light at various angles to bring greater intimacy.
  • You can decorate the windows with potted flowers and showy, placed the vase on the floor right under the window.
  • Use small pots and decorated to enhance the look of your garden. Bet in large pots for larger plants.
  • Do not put too much furniture in the garden. Use a small table and two chairs or a larger bank. The simplicity of the furniture can make a difference.
  • Do not trim your decor accessories that do not occupy much space. No use buying beautiful and large objects will compromise the circulation space. Invest in accessories wrought iron or a mural on a wall.
  • Take advantage of the variety of colors and let your garden more cheerful.

Decorating with vases Options

Concrete blocks who viewed vessels: 

If you have some blocks abutting concrete and useless, you can use them to make a different, inexpensive, and beautiful decoration in your garden. This is a very interesting decoration in gardens that have great elegance. Just play with the positioning of the blocks, filling the spaces with soil, and plant what you want.

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Towers vases: 

To simply fixing an iron bar with a maximum of one meter. Use a larger pot to serve as a base and go decreasing the size as you climb. To dock the vessel in the iron rod, we need to make a hole in the bottom of the vessel. Once the vessels are all positioned, place the land, and plant what you want. Interestingly, it is even easier to water as we do this from the top down.

Vases made of boots: 

This type of decoration leaves the garden even more fun and cozy. It is very economical to decorate the garden with boots because you can recycle older boots have. Preferably the most colorful boots have to give life to the garden and hang them all together on one wall of the garden or on the fence.

Creative vases shaped dolls: 

We should use larger vessels to the head and trunk and much smaller vases to make the little arms and legs. To assemble the dolls place a large vase upside down to serve as a base paste the vessel of the same size mouth up with permanent glue to serve as the head and secure the vases with a sturdy wire tying the vessel base.

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