30+ Amazing Custom Designed Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen Island is one of the most requested vanities in kitchen design. The addition of the kitchen island is really important. The flexibility in what the island can contain and be is the one of kitchen island advantage.

In a day, the most important design element of the kitchen is a custom kitchen island. You can custom – built your island in styles, sizes and shapes you want. What the purpose of your custom designed kitchen island? Mostly, the kitchen island is providing extra storage and extra work space. But, custom designed kitchen island probably can be as informal dining, bake center, a second sink, and a cooktop. A custom designed kitchen island can be a great vanity that can make your kitchen more functional.

You can also add refrigerator drawers, warming drawers, dishwasher, microwave, ice cube markers or cabinets under the counter if you want. These appliances can help you in food prepare and cooking. The shape of the custom designed kitchen island is not always in rectangular. You can design your island in every shape and design to fit your kitchen space.

like a treasured vintage find or a custom-designed piece, this inside Custom Designed Kitchen Islands

Style Guide for an Arts and Crafts Kitchen

A good custom designed kitchen islands should refer to some aspects such as:

  • The shape. You can shape your kitchen island in any shape you want.  The multi-purpose kitchen island is two-level. Maximizing the space in your small kitchen with two-level custom designed kitchen island. This island provides separate areas for cooking and food preparation. Make sure that your custom designed kitchen island can comfortable when used and match the overall look of your kitchen.
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Renovate an Arts and Crafts Kitchen

  • The size. If you have a little kitchen, you should design your kitchen in multifunctional and small scale. That is can save many spaces in your kitchen. A larger kitchen should have a grand kitchen island. It is can maximize the function of your kitchen.
  • The height. Depend on how you propose the island to be used, you can make custom designed kitchen islands in different high levels. For example, the country kitchen island has a different height than the contemporary kitchen island with mini bar. Remember to always think about your style and needs to create the comfortable height of custom designed kitchen islands you want.

Arts and Crafts Kitchens – Kitchen Design Ideas

  • The Cabinets. One of the important aspects of custom designed kitchen island is the cabinets. Cabinets in kitchen island can provide more storage space. You can store any cutlery on the cabinets. Match the style of the rest of your kitchen with the cabinet design.
  • The accessories. Besides can beautify your kitchen island, accessories also can add more function. You can build stoves, sinks, dishwashers, trash compressors, and refrigerator into custom designed kitchen island. Depend on what you need on the kitchen island, build any accessories you want.

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So, the custom designed kitchen island is the best vanities to add more work space and storage place on your kitchen. If you are interested in a custom designed kitchen island, you should plan the purpose of the kitchen island you want. Get more inspiration in the kitchen island showroom. There are many varieties of kitchen island types and styles you would like.

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