Decorate Your Walls With Country Wall Shelves

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Country wall shelves are such a versatile and functional piece of furniture. They not only provide convenient storage for those items you need to have ready access to such as diapers, baby wipes and powder in the nursery or spices and oils in the kitchen but they keep the curious hands of little ones away from items that are valuable or could be harmful to the child.

Functional wall shelves

As we mentioned, country wall shelves are a very functional item that can be used in any room in your home.

  • In the bath where space is often at a minimum, wall shelves can be used to store everyday items such as soap and tissue or as a display shelf for a pretty collection of perfume bottles or miniature frames.
  • Keep your spices and oils handy with wall shelves hung in the kitchen. You can even add some hooks to the bottom of the shelves to hold wooden spoons, pot holders and other utensils you need when cooking a meal.
  • Wall shelves in a baby’s nursery can help you avoid accidents by keeping all those necessary items close by. Diapers, lotions, powder, even items to the quiet baby such as a pacifier or favorite toy can be easily seen and reached when they are placed on a wall shelf as opposed to being stored in a drawer or closet.
  • In the bedroom, use wall shelves to store your kid’s favorite bedtime books or items they will need every morning for school. This eliminates those last-minute searches for pencils and paper in the morning or the scramble through the toy box for that favorite book in the evening.
  • Line the walls of a den or home office with shelves for storage of books, supplies, souvenirs, etc. A wall covered with shelves can give the room the look and feel of a home library at half the cost of built-in shelving units.
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Wall shelves for display purposes

While we already know that wall shelves are a very functional piece of furniture they can also be used for display purposes and act as attractive country wall decor. For example:

  • If floor space is at a premium in your home, hanging shelves on the wall make it possible for you to have additional space in the dining room to display pieces of your grandmother’s china or an arrangement of candles for ambience.
  • Line your hallway with shelves full of family photos and vacation memorabilia.
  • A wall shelf hung in the entryway not only makes it possible for you to display pretty items but it provides a spot to hang a visitor’s coat or handbag.
  • Hang a wall shelf at the top of a kitchen window and display a collection of teapots, pitchers or antique cookware.
  • Your prized collections are safe yet still visible for you to enjoy when they are placed on wall shelves in any room in your home.

Wall shelf styles

A wall shelf can be something as simple as a laminated piece of wood you purchased at the local discount or home improvement store and hung on the wall with the provided hardware. It might be a small display cabinet or shadowbox hung on the wall with a glass door that protects your valuables from dust or, even worse, being knocked over. Or, for something a bit more unique, consider old barn wood or recycled wood that will add texture and interest to your walls.

Wall shelves can be one single unit hung above a dresser or other furniture or appliance or you can create an entire storage system with several shelves in varying sizes and configurations. Finishes vary:

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  • In a contemporary space, you might consider a glass shelf with shiny metal brackets or an old metal shelf for an industrial look.
  • A crisp white laminated shelf works great in a bath area, laundry room, nursery or child’s bedroom that has been furnished with white furniture.
  • A country setting will certainly benefit from the look of a distressed wood shelf made from reclaimed wood showing nail holes, peeling paint and wormholes.
  • Popular ready to assemble furniture in a black rubbed finish often has coordinating wall shelves that will provide a cohesive look to a home office, den or teen’s bedroom.

You can turn an ordinary display shelf into a functional piece of furniture by adding sturdy hooks that can hold a coat or purse; cup hooks to hold coffee cups and utensils in the kitchen or small hooks for keys by the back door. Wooden pegs in place of metal hooks will add a bit of country ambience or consider using a collection of old drawer pulls or doorknobs. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to utilizing these very versatile wall shelves in your own home.

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