6 Gorgeous Ways to Dress Up Your Walls With Country Wall Decor

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Wall decor completes a country home the same way that jewelry completes an outfit…its purpose is to add personality, color, and pattern. Without it, you are left with a bare and empty space. There are several options available when it comes to choosing country wall decor that will add all those things as well as authenticity and a sense of history to your home. These include:

Primitive pieces

Primitive art often refers to items that have been created by untrained artists; in other words people like you and me. They enjoy creating and their pieces are handmade of natural materials and often simple in design. It can also refer to items that come from older cultures. In country decor, this might include Native American designs or pieces created by immigrants or the early settlers.

Some examples of common primitive art include dolls made from wood, muslin, and other natural fibers; carved figurines and toys; painted metal items and wall decors such as old signs, needlework samplers, hand painted dishware, and country prints.

If you own one prized piece display it proudly with proper framing and lighting. If you have been collecting items for a long time, group them together to enjoy not only the individual pieces but the beauty of a collection.

Folk Art

Similar to primitive art, folk art is created by local craftsman and usually represents a specific country, culture or tradition. It is simple in design and often utilitarian in nature.

Take, for example, Mexican folk art. These bright and colorful pieces depict life in a rural village performing everyday tasks such as farming, washing, and cooking. European folk art is also colorful in design with costumes and village scenes identifying a specific locale or ethnic group. African folk art features patterns and colors that identify specific tribes, as does Native American folk art.

Animals are a common theme in many folk art designs as they have long been an important part of everyday life in rural communities and basket designs are also plentiful.

Baskets and plates can be arranged on a dining room wall to create an interesting folk art wall decor display or hang a rustic painting in your entryway as a colorful greeting for your guests.

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Rustic items

Country homes often display rustic items as interesting wall decor. Examples of this might include old paintings framed in recycled barn wood; primitive signs hung with rusty wire or framed quilt squares and other needlework. Needlework pieces add a romantic vintage look to a master bedroom or guest area. Group them on the wall above the headboard or hang one in the bathroom. Old metal or tin signs are another fun option that adds color and pattern to a family room or country kitchen. Do you remember games like Parcheesi, Checkers, and Monopoly? Vintage game boards are a popular collectible that can be used as wall decor in a child’s room, play area, basement or casual living room. Wreaths are also a popular form of wall decor. Hang a simple grapevine wreath on the front door, above the fireplace or surprise your guests with a wreath hung on the back of the guest room door.

Country prints

Country prints usually depict a serene scene of meadows, old barns, rivers and lakes, beautiful trails, farm animals or charming country houses. For added interest, they are often framed in reused barn wood, fencing, and other recycled wood products.

Artwork does not have to be expensive. Scour the flea markets and garage sales for old paintings and prints. For example, old paint by a number of items is fun to collect for a gallery wall in your home. Many families have old oil paintings of past ancestors that have no value other than they are interesting to look at. Find one you like and have it reframed and matted and you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Country scenes are an inexpensive way to switch out your artwork for the changing seasons. An old red barn surrounded by snow can be hung during the winter months and there is no shortage of prints that depict the changing fall leaves or blooming flowers in the springtime.

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Signs and plaques

Old store signs are a fun and whimsical form of wall decor. You can find these items at flea markets, antique stores, garage sales and they are even available from many online retailers and auction sites such as eBay and Etsy.

Metal and tin signs have the same look and feel as old license plates (another fun wall decor item). They often feature well known names of soft drinks, tobacco products, cleaning supplies and kitchenware. Hang them in a laundry room and turn a work-oriented space into a spot that is interesting as well as functional. It may not make laundry day any easier but it will certainly make it more pleasant. Group several soft drink signs together and hang them behind a bar, in a game room or casual dining space.

Wooden wall plaques and old storefront signs are another fun way to add the feel of a country home to your decorating plans. They provide an interesting touch of nostalgia to many rooms in your home.

Barn Stars

The history of decorative barn stars is rooted in a combination of myth and fact. They can be traced as far back as the 1700’s when European immigrants migrated to Pennsylvania and joined the Amish communities. They began decorating the sides of their barns in colorful motifs that included birds, floral patterns and stars. These were thought to keep evil spirits away. In the early twentieth century, the painted motifs disappeared and were replaced with simple star designs, a sign of good luck.

While the original barn stars were painted on or crafted of wood, today’s stars are made of lightweight metal that develops a rusted and natural patina over time. Other options include painted stars in patriotic shades of red, white and blue.

Barn stars can be hung on porches or an exposed wall on the exterior of your home but they are also a popular interior design item. Hang one above a fireplace mantel, a headboard or in a wall gallery with other pictures and wall decor.

There is something for everybody when it comes to country wall decor making it possible to find just the right item to reflect the personality of you and your family.

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