Let Your Personality Shine Through With Country Wall Art

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The opportunity to add decorative country wall art to your home is the final step in the design process. This is where your personality can really shine through!

Country wall decor can be anything from a collection of old quilts hung on the wall to antique oil painting reproductions to family photos or battered old tin signs. The choice is based purely on what appeals to you.

Here are some country wall art ideas that may inspire you as you decorate your country home.

  • Americana wall art celebrates our nation’s past through the use of handcrafted items such as paintings, signs, textiles and folk art items. A large quilt can be hung as wall art or antique quilt squares can be framed and “pieced” together on the wall (pun intended) in a gallery setting.
  • Framed prints that have been cut from an old magazine or, even better, found in your grandmother’s attic add history and color to your country home. Subject matter might be botanicals, architectural drawings or old magazine advertisements.
  • Family photos and pictures are always a good choice as wall art as are family heirlooms such as your father’s war medals or a christening gown that has been used for generations.
  • Collections are an important facet of country design. How lovely to frame a collection of old brooches and hang them in a powder room. A wall display of your holiday platters is fun for the family to reminisce over. These collected items will fill the wall space and add personality and interest. Frame the items individually or encase them in shadow box style frames.
  • Country kitchen wall art is always fun to display. This could be functional items such as old wooden spoons or tarnished pots and pans hung on wall hooks or it could be a gallery of old storefront signs or license plates from areas you have visited. The kitchen is also a good spot for children’s artwork to be displayed so that the whole family can enjoy it on a daily basis. And your kids will be so proud to see their masterpieces framed just like a professional artist.
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Gallery wall displays

A gallery wall is simply a collection of country wall art that is grouped together similar to the way framed art is hung in an actual art gallery. This is a great method for displaying framed country prints, collectibles, pictures, and family photographs.

For a casual country feel, choose frames with a distressed wood finish and simple linen mats all in the same color. For a more whimsical design vary the color of the frames and/or the mats and for a formal feel, choose ornately carved frames with a beautiful finish.

Combine photos and prints with three-dimensional objects such as a set of old house keys, ticket stubs from your first date, your child’s first pair of shoes or even something sentimental like your grandfather’s eyeglasses.

Gallery items can be hung on the wall or propped up on shelves that have been attached to the wall. Old barn wood shelves provide a country feel to the design and do not need to be painted or stained as the distressed wood adds warmth and texture.

It can be difficult to hang items in a gallery style. A good method is to draw the shape of the items onto a piece of butcher paper that is the size of the wall space. Tape the paper to the wall, nail through the paper to make a mark on the wall where each item will be hung, remove the paper and nail your hardware into the wall. All you need to do is attach the frame to the hardware and you have an “instant” gallery hung in the pattern you wanted.

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