Top 5 Country Couch/Sofa Styles

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No matter what you call it; the couch, sofa, settee, divan or loveseat, a country couch provides a comfortable and inviting spot to sit and visit with guests; stretch out and take an afternoon nap, read a good book, watch a little television or snuggle up with a loved one.

Furniture styles

There are many different styles of couches and other country furniture available for purchase. Your own personal interior design preferences will determine what style is best for your home. Listed here are 5 examples of country style sofas that may work for you.

  1. Traditional style couches will work in just about any interior. They are not too modern, not too country, they are just right. They usually feature a two or three cushion seat back, rolled arms and the bottom can be skirted or plain. Tip: Avoid a tight back and/or straight lines as these styles tend to be a bit too contemporary for a country home. Designer details might include button tufting, rustic nailhead trim or some contrast welting.
  2. Slipcovers are a great choice for a country couch. To begin with, they are washable and that might be important if you have young children, pets that enjoy the comfort of upholstered furniture or a messy husband. The relaxed and rumpled look of a slipcovered sofa works well in a cottage or French country decor as well as a traditional country home.
  3. Country living can mean different things to different people and a specific time period can also determine a furniture style. For example, if you prefer the fussy and cluttered look of the Victorian age then you will want to choose a sofa that reflects that time period; which would be formal and stiff with ornamental wood carved arms and frames. If the Arts & Crafts movement is more to your liking, a couch in that interior would have large wooden arms and frame and possibly cushions that sit against a slat back.
  4. Leather is always a favorite. A country leather sofa will be large and comfortable with worn and distressed leather that has developed a patina over time. It will just get better with age and requires very little care so is perfect for a busy family room.
  5. Country homes are welcoming. Therefore, a dual-purpose sofa such as a sleeper or a futon that can do double duty as a bed for overnight guests is a good choice when space and/or budget are a concern.


Once you have chosen the style and shape of your couch you must decide on the fabric. This can be a difficult decision as there are literally thousands of fabrics to choose from. As an individual, you must first take into consideration the room and people who will be using the couch. If you have rambunctious kids and messy pets you will want to choose a fabric that is durable and possibly has a pattern that will hide stains. On the other hand, if you live alone or it is just the two of you, you are freer to choose a luxurious fabric like velvet or polished cotton that is not quite as durable. Other fabric choices include:

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  • Plaid. Plaid is a casual and welcoming pattern. A plaid sofa will not only add to your overall country decor but it coordinates with other patterns and has the added benefit of being able to hide some stains and everyday wear and tear. A multi-colored plaid sofa in a family room can be paired with blue chenille chairs, for example, to create an inviting space for your family and stand up to crayons, dirty soccer shoes, hairy pets and other “nuisances”.
  • Durable microfiber fabrics are available in a wide range of country colors and will eliminate worries about accidental stains, spills, and normal “kid dirt”.
  • If a country cottage or French country look is what you are seeking, consider a fabric that features a soft floral pattern in tea stained colors. You can upholster the couch or use slipcovers for this casual look. Add a collection of throw pillows in coordinating stripes and checks and lots of fluffy fringe and ruffles and you have a delightful cottage look.
  • Chenille is a favorite of many country design lovers. It is durable enough for everyday use and, while casual in appearance, is not rumply or messy looking. A wide ribbed chenille resembles corduroy and a smaller ribbed pattern has the look and feel of velvet. Choose the best weave and fiber mix for your own personal needs. Chenille can be used as a covering for your living room sofa but is sophisticated enough to upholster a pair of chairs or small loveseat in the master bedroom.
  • Velvet provides a soft and luxurious look and feels to your country couch. If durability is a concern, seek out some of the new indoor/outdoor lines that fabric manufacturers have introduced. These have the look and feel but are more durable than velvet and often eliminates worries about crushing, a specific nap direction, etc. An emerald green velvet couch accented with leather welting is a masculine look for a den or library.
  • Tightly woven poly/cotton blends can turn that ordinary looking futon into a smart looking piece of furniture for a guest room, small apartment or teenager’s bedroom. Maintain the country look by choosing patterns and colors that support a country theme. For example, an Americana print is fun to use in a red, white and blue color scheme in a teen’s bedroom. Durable denim can be accented with accent piping in a deep barn red, for example, and accented with colorful throw pillows made from quilt scraps. You get the idea.
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A couch, along with other upholstered furniture pieces, should be durable, comfortable and attractive. You want to purchase the highest quality you can afford. Johnston Benchworks is a family owned company that takes great pride in their commitment to producing the finest quality, hand made upholstered pieces that include sofas and loveseats.

A couch is a very important piece of furniture in a country home. It provides multiple seating when the family is gathered or you are entertaining, a place for you to stretch out and relax after a long day at the office and is the perfect spot to cuddle up and read a bedtime story at the end of the day.

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