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Let’s face it. You spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals and then cleaning up afterward. And for many of us, the kitchen is also the homework spot, bill paying station, dining room, and home office. So why not decorate the walls with beautiful and inspiring artwork and pictures suitable for a country kitchen.

Country kitchen pictures can range from rustic folk art designs to beautiful still life oil paintings to heirloom pieces that have been handed down from grandparents. The items you choose to decorate your walls with will depend on the style of decor and artwork you prefer as well as your chosen color scheme. Here are some country kitchen ideas that might make it easier for you to choose appropriate artwork. In fact, a favorite country kitchen picture just might be the inspiration for your kitchen decor.

French country kitchen pictures

French country design is relaxed and casual and celebrates the easy-going lifestyle of French villagers. Colors reflect the surrounding countryside and include red, blue, green and yellow. Artwork for the kitchen might include folk art pictures painted in the bright primary colors so often associated with French country design. Farm animals, cheerful flowers such as lavender, poppies and sunflowers, roosters and village people in cultural clothing are common themes. To enhance the French country theme, frame these pictures in black frames and add a black and white checked mat for even more French country flair.

Farmhouse kitchen pictures

A farmhouse kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Rustic elements such as distressed cabinetry and aged hardware along with multi-functional items like large farmhouse tables are used. Country kitchen ideas for your walls might include:

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  • An old sampler depicting a favorite prayer or kitchen theme
  • Black and white photos of past generations
  • Old landscape paintings framed with a recycled fence or barn wood
  • Framed ads for soap, small appliances or the latest gadget
  • Children’s artwork

The farmhouse kitchen is all about family and gathering for meals during the day and evening so make it personal with pieces that have been in your family for generations or current “masterpieces” created by the younger members of the family.

Cottage kitchen pictures

A cottage kitchen is, by nature, usually very small and intimate. Therefore, it too, serves a dual purpose as a kitchen, eating area and home office/gathering space.

Cottage kitchens are bright and cheerful with relaxed and casual furniture and accessories. Kitchen pictures might include pretty still life oil paintings of fruit or flowers. A beach cottage picture would depict waves, seagulls, shells and other ocean motifs while a mountain cottage kitchen might use wildlife paintings or scenic mountain vistas. Kitchen items such as china, teapots and potted plants used as the subject matter in a painting or picture would also make lovely wall art in a cottage style kitchen and probably reflect your own collection of these items. Pretty birds, ferns and outdoor gardens are also a good choice for small country kitchen pictures.

Inspiration for a kitchen remodel

If you are fortunate enough to be remodeling your country kitchen, pictures and other artwork can be used as inspiration for a color scheme, design layout or design style. For example, a favorite picture of black and white cows grazing on a green meadow and framed in a rustic frame could inspire you to create a colorful and inviting French country or farmhouse kitchen. A vintage oil painting of lovely pink and red roses in a vase might inspire you to paint your cabinetry white, add distressed furniture and floral fabrics for a country cottage kitchen. A treasured collection of needlework samplers from your grandmother is certainly an inspiration for a warm and cozy farmhouse kitchen but will warm up a contemporary space as well.

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In any kitchen design, wall space is usually at a premium. Items like cabinetry, appliances, and doorways utilize most of the area. To introduce artwork into your kitchen, pictures can be small items placed in unusual spaces such as the backsplash area under the cabinets or a small wall next to a doorway. And don’t overlook spaces above windows and doors as well as the space above the upper cabinets.

Much of our time is spent in the kitchen cooking, working, cleaning and enjoying family time together. Kitchen pictures and other artwork not only provide color and interest but they add a personal touch to an otherwise utilitarian space.

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