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The kitchen is the heart of every country home. After all, the very essence of country living is to be welcoming and comfortable. Your kitchen is a spot for people to gather together to eat, talk, cook and simply enjoy each other’s company. And while the kitchen is furnished with functional pieces such as appliances, it is important that the decor compliment the rest of your home.

As with any decorating project, country kitchen decor can range from stark and primitive to colorful French country to inviting cottage country design. Let’s take a look at some country kitchen ideas you can use in your own home.

Country kitchen designs

Regardless of whether you are building a new home or trying to make do in the space provided in a 100 year old farmhouse, the design and layout of your country kitchen are very important. You will want to include a space for casual dining and, of course, plenty of room to store your food and prepare and cook your meals.

A simple table and chairs will provide a spot for dining, homework and even act as occasional office space when necessary. An old door and a set of mismatched chairs is a charming combination for those who prefer primitive or farmhouse country style. If French country decorating is more to your liking choose a table with a distressed white base and add colorful cushions to the chairs. Tuscan country lovers may choose an iron base and sturdy chairs to compliment the warm colors often used in this design. Metal pieces are also common to cottage country design and might include an old farmhouse table surrounded by iron metal chairs with ruffled pads added for comfort.

Storage is necessary for every kitchen. Country kitchen lovers can be creative when it comes to storage ideas. Something as simple as a grouping of large mason jars to hold dry ingredients adds texture and interest to an old shelving unit or antique cabinet. A walk-in pantry is a luxury that should not be overlooked. Add an interesting country motif door to identify this space. For example, choose a sandblasted design of wheat, a loaf of bread or simply the word “pantry”. An old barn door or, for fun, an old screen door can also add a little bit of country to your kitchen.

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It is difficult to incorporate shiny modern appliances into a country kitchen but it can be done. Choose appliances with a matte finish or repair and recondition vintage appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. Custom cabinetry can hide a dishwasher, trash compactor and even the refrigerator itself.

Now that you have designed your kitchen space and provided for all the necessities you are ready to move onto the fun part of decorating.


Roosters are so important to country design that they get a paragraph all to themselves.

The lore of the rooster began in ancient Italy when the crowing of a rooster saved the King from attack one evening. To thank the villagers, the King presented each one of them with their own rooster and it became a symbol of wealth and luck. Over the centuries this fine feathered creature has come to represent bounty, wealth and good luck and is proudly displayed in country kitchens all over the world.

There are several ways to use roosters in your kitchen:

  • Fabric with a rooster motif can be used in kitchen curtains, chair cushions, appliance covers, dishware, accessories, and towels.
  • A collection of roosters can be proudly displayed for all to enjoy on a baker’s rack, antique cabinet or other furniture items, on a windowsill or on the soffit above the cabinets.
  • Place a large ceramic rooster on the island as a regal symbol of your own bounty and luck

Country kitchen wall decor

The walls in the kitchen are often filled with appliances, backsplashes, windows and other necessities for a functioning kitchen. However, there is usually some wall space for you to add decorative items. These might include:

  • Old needlework samplers that are a fun addition to a country kitchen.
  • Apples are a very popular country kitchen motif. Add this colorful fruit to wallpaper and artwork for the walls.
  • Primitive country kitchens often display antique utensils as wall art. This might include old wooden spoons, metal pots, drying racks, etc.
  • For a bright and cheerful country kitchen hang a collection of china plates on the wall. Choose faded floral patterns, chipped white platters or a lovely set of blue and white pieces. It is fun to incorporate some of your grandmother’s dishes to add a personal touch to the display.
  • Folk art paintings of farm animals are a wonderful addition to a French country or Tuscan farmhouse kitchen. You can find graphic black and white cows, colorful pink pigs, funny ducks and chickens that provide color and interest for your walls.
  • Functional wall art does double duty in a kitchen with limited space. A rack to hold pots and pans and old brass spoons are fun to look at and easy to reach when needed. Colorful spices placed in a spice rack on the wall is colorful and earthy and, again, easy to reach while cooking.
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Fabrics and furniture

Fabrics and furniture are just as important in the kitchen as they are in any other room in your home.

The color and pattern on your fabrics should compliment the colors used throughout your home and, most importantly, they should be washable. Choose colorful checks and plaids for kitchen curtains, chair pads, appliance covers and other accessories in any style country kitchen. Combine them with brightly colored floral and striped patterns in a French country kitchen. Pastels and tea-stained fabrics look great in a cottage style kitchen and rich, textural fabrics in warm shades of gold, red and sage are perfect for that European or Tuscan country kitchen.

While you probably have a table and chairs in your kitchen, if space allows, think outside the box and add a comfy wing chair and floor lamp. This creates a quiet reading nook or a place for visitors to sit and chat while you are cooking. A bench by the door creates a spot to drop your purse and jacket when you enter. An interesting storage cabinet is always fun and can be painted or stenciled to match your kitchen decor.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and should be carefully decorated to meet the needs of you and your family as well as welcoming to your guests.

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