Beautiful Ideas For Your Kitchen Curtains

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If you are lucky enough to have windows in your kitchen then it is important to dress them appropriately with the right kitchen curtains for your design style. After all, everyone seems to gather in the kitchen.

There are many different kitchen curtain styles available. The style you choose will be based on your personal decorating style, the architectural style of your home and the placement of your windows. Here just a few curtain ideas to help inspire you.

Curtains for a country kitchen

A country kitchen is relaxed, casual and inviting. Common window treatments for this design style include:

  • Cafe curtains – cafe curtains, also referred to as tier curtains, are made up of a ruffled window valance placed at the top of the window and a matching ruffled panel hung on a tension rod in the middle of the window. The lower panel can be pushed open or closed as desired. Choose country fabrics like gingham checks, plaids, soft florals or themes such as apples and roosters to enhance the country feel. (and be sure to use a fabric that is washable as this curtain style is manipulated by hand)
  • Valances – in many instances a complete window treatment is not necessary. There may not be room for panels to hang, privacy is not an issue or curtains may hide a beautiful view; but color and pattern are still desired. In this case, a kitchen valance should do the trick. A valance is placed at the top of a window and hung on a decorative rod, stapled to a cornice board or shirred onto a standard curtain rod. Valances can be ruffled and full, a simple box pleat style or a more tailored look when a cornice box is used. Interesting details such as buttons, trim and contrasting colors will really dress it up.
  • Waverly fabrics – Waverly offers many different designs that can be used in a country kitchen. They also provide coordinating trim and fabrics that make your design decisions much easier and these quality fabrics can be used on any type of window treatment.
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Hooray for red kitchen curtains

Red is such a popular color in the kitchen it deserves a paragraph all its own. Many different kitchen styles use red including contemporary, Tuscan, French country, country and traditional. One of the simplest ways to introduce red into your kitchen decor is through the fabric you choose for your kitchen curtains.

  • contemporary kitchen may use a bright red fabric stapled to a cornice board for a clean and sleek window treatment. Details such as metal studs, contrasting bands of fabric or large buttons will further enhance the contemporary style.
  • Shades of red and gold are commonly used in the popular Tuscan design. Tuscan kitchen curtain ideas might include cafe curtains in a fun rooster design for a casual kitchen or a sophisticated swag in a rich red fabric that will add a bit more sophistication.
  • Traditional designs often combine a burgundy or maroon shade of red with other classic shades of blue, green and tan. In large kitchens, pinch pleated panels can be hung over the sink. Placed on decorative poles with rings, they are easily opened and closed. This same treatment can be carried to an adjoining breakfast room or eating area for continuity. Swag is also a popular style in a traditional setting. Fabric is simply draped, or swagged, over a decorative pole to create this look. Fabric choices might include plaid in deep rich shades of red, blue and green, a traditional floral pattern, a small pin dot or a woven pattern of birds and vines, etc. Be sure to choose a fabric that is easily draped and not too thick.
  • French country design really warms up space. Kitchen curtains made out of toile fabric and accented with checks is a classic style in French country and can be used on all kitchen window treatments including valances, swags, and curtains.
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Window blinds

In the kitchen, blinds can be combined with curtains and valances or hung on their own. They provide the most light and privacy control and are available in several different colors, materials, and sizes.

The easiest way to add “curtains” to kitchen blinds is to add a valance at the top of the blind. A ruffled valance or small cornice works best. Tip: be sure to choose a rod that is deep enough to allow your blinds to open and close. However, if space allows, blinds can be combined with stationary drapery panels. Because the blinds provide the privacy and light control, the added expense of a complete set of draperies would not be necessary; the stationary panels will add the desired color and pattern.

Regardless of the design style, you have chosen for your kitchen decor, curtains will add color and warmth and help create an inviting spot for your family and your guests to gather.

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